Fiddler’s Olympic performance was top secret

Fiddler’s Olympic performance was top secret

February 17, 2010 12:00 a.m.

Ashley MacIsaac’s kilt-clad, foot-stomping performance during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games was so top secret that even his mother didn’t know about it.

Carmelita MacIsaac, who lives in Port Hawkesbury, said her son couldn’t tell anyone about his historic gig seen by billions of people worldwide last Friday.

As someone who regularly watches Olympic opening ceremonies, MacIsaac said her son knew she’d be glued to the television set and offered no hint of his involvement.

“I had a funny feeling because he was going out there a couple times,” she said of her son’s recent trips to Vancouver.

“What I know now is it was for dress rehearsal.”

The 34-year-old Cape Breton fiddler delivered a high-energy performance during the lavish show, which included Canadian aboriginal dancers, acrobats and performances by pop superstar Nelly Furtado and singer k.d. lang.

“His father and I were pretty excited. We must of got 300 phone calls, people were so proud of him representing Cape Breton,” she said.
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